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[CLOSED] Write me a song

Who; Sharpay, Skylar
When; During the first day of school, in between classes
Where; At East High, in the hallways
Summary; Sharpay learns something interesting about Skylar.
Rating; G
Warnings; Sharpay being Sharpay

At first, Skylar had not even noticed just what she dropped as she walked. Someone had bumped into her, too busy talking to their friend to even notice where they were going. Skylar sighed, getting a sorry out of the person at least, which was the one plus. Seeing a song she had written on the floor Skylar reached out to grab ahold of it before someone else could.

However, someone did beat her too it, none other than Sharpay. Looking at the song, Sharpay studied it. "Well, well, you write songs too? Sky something, whatever your name is." Sharpay put on a fake smile, no doubt because she wanted something. Oh she most certainly did want something and this girl was involved. "This song has potential. You know, if sung by me, put in my key and made up beat. Can't have people fall asleep now can we?"

"Excuse me?" Were the first words out of Skylar's mouth, as she blinked in disbelief. Did Sharpay honestly think Skylar would just hand over the song with no issues? "I don't think so, that is my song. If anyone will sing it, it will be me. Or someone of my choice, which is not you. Okay?" Skylar didn't even care if she made Sharpay mad, she just wanted her song back and out of Sharpay's greedy little hands.

"Hm, see, I don't think you know how this school works. Ryan and I are the only ones that do any singing, well especially me. You don't. You will transpose, not sing." Sharpay stated it at as some sort of fact, then again it was what Sharpay believed. This music, the acting, it was all ran by Sharpay as far as Sharpay concerned. No girl, new or not would worm her way in. It was bad enough Gabriella already had.

Skylar didn't believe in Sharpay's rules, they would never be something she'd stand for. "No, I don't think you know how this school works. Just because you are Sharpay doesn't mean you can boss people around. Keep the song. I have the original copy at home, find someone to transpose it. See if I care." Skylar felt this meant war and she wasn't afraid of war. She was certainly not afraid of Sharpay. Walking past her, Skylar didn't say another word finding her time with Sharpay a waste of time.

"We'll see who wins, Sky." Sharpay said to herself, her hands on her hips. A smile came to her face as she looked at the music. Well maybe Kelsi could be of some use, first though she needed to tell Ryan that she had a new song for them. Oh this would be great!



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